Arrears Policy and Procedure

Housing 21 places emphasis on preventing rent arrears and supporting residents to establish and maintain good habits in paying rent and ensuring maximisation of benefits. 

Prompt, efficient and economic collection of rent owed allows Housing 21 to maximise income which is crucial to the ongoing sustainability of the organisation and maintenance of housing stock. 

Residents are fully responsible for paying their rent regardless of entitlement to benefits. Housing 21 is committed to using appropriate and proportionate responses to cases of rent arrears ensuring support is offered to residents who accrue arrears to manage the situation. 

Where residents persistently fail to maintain affordable payment arrangements  legal action will be commenced which, in limited cases may lead to eviction although we aim to avoid this wherever possible.    

This policy applies to all retirement  and extra care rented, leasehold and shared ownership units of accommodation let by Housing 21 and links to the Lettings Policy, Resales Procedures and Former Tenants Arrears Policy. 

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