December 2023: Retirement Living Court Newsletter

The December 2023 edition of the Retirement Living Court Newsletter will cover the following topics: 

  • Message from Senior Leaders from Retirement Living: 
  • National Residents’ Survey top line results
  • Website survey results
  • What’s been happening in Resident Engagement
  • Calling all residents – Nominate an outstanding contractor!  
  • Share your story with us
  • Celebrating our employees
  • Listen to our podcast!
  • Your feedback matters
  • Pendants – testing procedures
  • Message from Senior Leaders from Retirement Living:

    Thank you to everyone who joined our Catch up over Coffee session on 15 November. This was a great opportunity for us to share key updates with you and answer your questions. If you couldn’t attend, we recorded the session and it is available to watch on YouTube using this URL:

    We appreciate that not everyone has access to a device they can join the webinars on, so as mentioned in the last court newsletter we will be providing you with a summary of what was discussed.  


    Resident Satisfaction Survey 

    In June, we asked you to give us your feedback on the service we provide by completing our Resident Satisfaction Survey. Overall, 86 percent of residents were satisfied with living with Housing 21, which is fantastic. We received a lot of positive comments from residents saying they felt safe and secure and were happy with the overall service we provide. However, the results do identify areas that we need to improve, and we will be drawing more detail from the comments to inform what we do next.  

    Thank you to those who took part; your feedback will be invaluable in helping us take positive action to make improvements for you where we can. In terms of the next steps, we will be analysing the results and pulling together action plans at scheme level, as well as regional and national levels. We’ll make sure these are shared with you for discussion and input.  


    Service Charge Meetings 

    We encourage you all to attend the upcoming service charge meetings where we’ll be discussing the charges in more detail and answering your questions. We will also be sharing all the ways we can help you offset those costs through Operation Lightbulb, the Helping Hands Fund, our Community and Wellbeing Fund and more. 


    Save the date: Catch up over coffee in 2024  We plan to hold these sessions every three months and already have next year’s dates in the diary. We will send out the link to join the meeting closer to the time, but in the meantime please save these dates:  

    • Thursday 22 February, 10am  
    • Tuesday 28 May, 2pm 
    • Wednesday 14 August, 3pm 
    • Monday 18 November, 12noon 
  • National Residents’ Survey top line results

    In the summer we carried out our National Residents’ Survey to find out what you think about your home and the services you receive. Here are some of the top line results:

    • The overall response rate was 57 percent
    • The overall satisfaction rate for living with Housing 21 was 86 percent
    • The overall satisfaction rate for those living in one of our Retirement Living schemes was 86 percent

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, we can use this information to improve the services we provide our residents.

    If you would like to see the results specifically for your scheme, please speak to your Local Housing Manager or contact

  • Website survey results

    In September we shared a survey with you asking for your thoughts on the Housing 21 website and any suggestions you had for a new website which we’re hoping to launch in late 2024. We promised that we would share the results with you, so here are the headlines: 

    • Quality of information: Most respondents (51 percent) gave a score of four or five (out of five) for quality of information on the website, indicating you feel information on the website is ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Less than 10 percent gave a negative score of one or two. 
    • Overall experience: 40 percent of respondents gave a score of four or five, rating the overall experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’. Just under 50 percent gave it an average score for experience (three out of five). 
    • Most visited area: ‘Resident information’, with over 75 percent of respondents visiting this section of the website. This is closely followed by ‘News’. 
    • Ease of use: More than 50 percent of respondents find it ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use. 
    • Main area of improvement: Overall user experience, which included better search functionality. 
    • Most desired new service: Ability to ‘view your rent/service charge statement/balance’. 

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your views with us, it really is appreciated. This feedback will help us as we move into the next phase of the website project. We will be in touch again in the new year when we have more updates to share with you. 

  • What’s been happening in Resident Engagement?

    For those of you that haven’t heard of, or met me, I’m Tina Wathern and my role is Resident Engagement Lead for Housing 21.  

    Over the last few months, I’ve been working with residents to set up new forums across Extra Care and Retirement Living and we now have five resident forums meeting virtually every eight weeks.

    In addition to the Retirement Living Regional Engagement Groups, the groups are: the Extra Care Resident Forum, the Retirement Living Engagement Panel and the groups for minority communities (LGBT+, Disability, and REACH – Race, Equity and Cultural Heritage). 


    What’s the purpose of the forums?                   

    Central to Housing 21’s ethos is putting residents at the heart of what we do, and the forums are one of the ways in which we hear and listen to the voices of our residents.  

    Amongst the many lively discussions that have taken place, the forums have discussed: 

    • What is GDPR? 
    • Service charges 
    • The Social Housing Regulation Act  
    • Website design  

    The forums are also a great place for consultation and so far, have been consulted and made comment on the Repairs Policy and the Aids and Adaptations policy. They’ve also been discussing (with the Marketing and Communication Team) the website and helped to design the website survey.  

    Members from Retirement Living and Extra Care have got together to start designing a welcome pack for new residents about Resident Engagement and how to get involved. 

    Housing 21 employees have visited the groups to discuss:

    • The Birdie system (Extra Care rostering system)
    • Development plans 
    • The Social Housing Regulation Act and Consumer Standards 
    • Communications  

    Future plans include the Retirement Living Engagement Panel visiting a new scheme in Doncaster in the spring, and colleagues from the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Team and Data Protection and Governance Team presenting to the groups. 

    Members from both Retirement Living and Extra Care attended webinars provided by Four Million Homes about what to expect from a Resident Panel. 


    What’s it like to be on a Resident Engagement Forum? 

    I thought I would hand that over to a member of the Retirement Living Resident Engagement Panel, Dave, who has written about what it’s like to be involved. 


    Dave- Retirement Living Resident Engagement Panel 

    “Being part of the Resident Engagement panel for Retirement Living presents a win-win situation for both the resident members and Housing 21. Why? For residents, it gives the opportunity to help formulate Housing 21 policy through consultation and feedback, whilst Housing 21 can benefit from the diverse wealth of knowledge and experience of its residents. From a personal perspective I feel it also allows me to experience a much wider view of Housing 21's operations via the feedback from other residents.”

  • Calling all residents – Nominate an outstanding contractor!

    It’s that time of year again where we celebrate our fabulous contractors!  

    Is there a contractor who has gone ‘above and beyond’ at your scheme? If so, we want to hear about them!   

    We’d like to celebrate the many examples of times when our contractors have gone ‘above and beyond’ over the past year, to deliver quality services in resident homes and to create an opportunity to say ‘thank you’.   

    The survey will open on Tuesday 2 January 2024 and will remain open until 31 January 2024.  

    Once the survey closes, all contractors who have been nominated will receive a ‘Housing 21 Outstanding Contractor of the Year’ certificate in Spring 2024 on your behalf, as a token of appreciation for their hard work over the last financial year.  

  • Share your story with us!

    As part of our work to promote Housing 21 as a great place to live, we want to share the stories of our residents to highlight the diverse groups of people we have living in our schemes. We’re collecting stories and sharing them as case studies on our website, social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and in printed materials.  

    Over the next month, our focus will be on three key themes to tie in with upcoming awareness days:

    • Community living
    • Socialising
    • Friendships

    If you have a story to share about one of these three themes – maybe you have made new friendships whilst living at Housing 21 or take part in communal activities, we would love to hear from you!

    Each of us have a story to tell, and we want to share yours. Contact us by emailing: or speak to your scheme manager and ask them to get in touch with us. 

  • Celebrating our employees

    Have you had a positive experience with one of our employees?  

    Perhaps they have supported you with claiming benefits, or generally gone above and beyond to support you? 

    If so, we would love to hear from you and to share your story to make sure our people are recognised for Making a Difference (MAD). 

    Please send your stories to: 

  • Listen to our podcast!

    Tune in to 21 Talks; a podcast showing that at every age, everyone has important stories to tell and opinions to share.

    We have episodes on sustainability, the Extra Care Academy and inclusivity and financial wellbeing, featuring our wonderful Housing 21 employees and residents!

    Have you listened to our latest episode on activities to positively impact your wellbeing? 

    Across Housing 21 we often talk about wellbeing and the importance of it, but what does it actually mean for residents living in our schemes?

    Local Housing Manager Laura Gilling is passionate about the benefits physical activity can have on people’s wellbeing. In this episode of 21 Talks, she sits down with residents Zohra and Austin to find out what activities positively contribute to their wellbeing, as well as advice they’d give to other residents who are looking to try something new.

    Stream now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or on our website and you can also listen by scanning the QR code alongside the article.

    If you have an idea for a topic we could discuss in the next episode and would like to feature in our 21 Talks podcast, please contact

  • Your feedback matters

    Trustpilot is an independent website where you can review organisations and share your experience. We value your feedback and know that potential future residents want to know what it is like to live at a Housing 21 property. You can help with this by leaving a review on the Trustpilot website to let people know about your experience.  

    Please visit: to visit the Housing 21 Trustpilot page and leave your review.  



  • Pendants – Testing Procedures

    A reminder that all residents should now be testing their own pendant alarm once a month. This arrangement has the added benefit of helping residents to build confidence in using the equipment. Please ensure you test your pendant alarm from inside your accommodation, not in the communal areas. 

    New residents, during their tenancy sign-up, are informed that it is a resident’s responsibility to carry out a monthly pendant test. However, where a Local Housing Manager believes a resident is unable to test their pendant, or they have no immediate family members to support them, they will carry out the test. If you have any queries or concerns about pendants / pendant testing, please contact your local manager.    



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