What do residents have to do to keep a mobility scooter on the court?

Any resident who owns, or is thinking of buying, a mobility scooter must:

  • Advise the court/extra care manager to ensure we can provide information and advice and, where necessary, carry out a risk assessment.
  • Sign the consent form to confirm they are aware of the rules and regulations for owning and storing scooters and that they agree to comply with these.
  • H21 strongly recommend residents to take out third party insurance as we will recharge for any damage caused to the properties we own or manage. If anyone using a mobility scooter injures another person, they may be liable to personal injury claims.  While insurance is not a legal requirement, residents should be aware that they are responsible for any accidental damage to other people and property. 
  • Scooters and chargers must be maintained in line with the manufacturers’ guidance.
  • Where applicable, residents must comply with the outcome of a risk assessment (court or fire) and failure to do so will be considered a breach of the consent agreement.
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