What options are available if a resident is refused permission to store a scooter?

Housing 21 has the right to refuse permission to store scooters in communal areas if a risk assessment shows there is a health and safety and/ or fire risk that could put others in danger.  We will strive to be as flexible as possible and where there is a risk associated with storage we will work with the resident to try to find a solution.

Are there any restrictions on charging scooters?

Where possible, remove the battery from the mobility scooter as this will remove the source of ignition.

  • Charging at night is restricted between 10pm and 6am as this will reduce the sleeping risk.
  • Any charging in designated storage areas is subject to a portable appliance testing programme.
  • No charging should occur on a means of escape i.e. communal corridor.

Use of mobility scooters on court

What if a scooter causes damage in the court?

Any damage to any fire protection measures e.g. fire doors or any structural parts of the building should be reported immediately to the Court/Extra Care Manager.

What is the speed limit for scooters on court?

Scooters must be ridden safely and in a responsible manner within the court and grounds taking due care and consideration of other people and surroundings.  All scooters must be set to the lowest speed setting whilst driven inside e.g. tortoise.

General information and advice on mobility scooters?

H21 has produced a leaflet for residents providing information on the purchase, use and storage of mobility scooters.

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