Mutual Exchange Policy and Procedure

This sets out the policy and process for dealing with an application for a Mutual Exchange. 

A mutual exchange or tenancy exchange is where a tenant swaps their home with another housing association or council tenant. This is different to a tenancy transfer, where Housing 21 offer an existing tenant another property.

A true mutual exchange is where two (or more) tenants assign their tenancies to each other. This means that the tenants swap tenancies with each other so the tenancies run continuously and new tenancy agreements are not issued.

Mutual Exchanges are a useful tool where Tenants

  • may want to move home but may not quality for a transfer
  • may be low priority for a transfer
  • may want to move to an area where Housing 21 has no or little stock
  • may wish to move to a type of property which Housing 21 does not have.
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