Types of reasonable adjustments

Adjustments depend on individual need of both residents and staff. We will discuss individual requirements with the person concerned and seek to reach agreement on what is reasonable in the circumstances. We will not make assumptions about whether a resident requires any reasonable adjustments or about what those adjustments should be.

Examples include:

  • Provision of information in appropriate alternative formats (eg large print, Braille, coloured paper etc)
  • Use of plain English or Easy Read service
  • Provision of auxiliary aids
  • Communication through a representative or intermediary
  • Use of email or telephone in preference to hard copy letters
  • Rest or comfort breaks in meetings

Information which may be requested in alternative formats

  • Centrally produced or printed documents including leaflets, handbooks, and newsletters.
  • Regionally produced standard notifications/communications, such as rent and service charge letters/tenancy agreements, etc.

We will not translate documents that are available from other external sources, for example AgeUK, etc.

Documents can be translated into a range of formats on request. We aim to recognise the diverse needs of our staff and residents and remove barriers to communication wherever possible.

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