Extra Care Academy students

Meet our students

Name: Kimberley Swift
Current scheme: Rowan Croft, Killingworth
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: I joined the Extra Care Academy so that I can better my knowledge and help where I can within the scheme.
Five-year plan: Kimberly has worked with Housing 21 for five years; in the next five years she aims to be an Assistant Care Manager at a scheme.

Lisa Pattinson, Housing and Care Manager at Rowan Croft where Kimberly currently works, said: I am more than happy to support Kimberly with any support she needs with her courses and training for her learning.”  

Name: Sophie Mose
Current scheme: Holm Court, Kesgrave
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: I applied to the Extra Care Academy as I am passionate about my development. I am always striving to improve and further my skills and knowledge.  I was ready to take the next step in my career to keep growing and developing both personally and professionally.
Five-year plan: I am hoping to achieve a successful career in a management or leadership role with Housing 21. I am hoping that in five years I will be leading a team and encouraging people to go further and to feel empowered. I want to be in a role that inspires other to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Jane Sewell, Housing and Care Manager at Holm Court where Sophie currently works, said:  “I am happy and excited to be able to support Sophie in this excellent opportunity and I will arrange regular catch-up sessions to support her.”


Name: Najaha Khatun
Current scheme: Goldfield Court, West Bromwich
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: The Extra Care Academy provides in-depth knowledge, support, and training to exceed my goals.
Five-year plan: In five years I would like to be in the position of an Assistant Care Manager progressing towards further opportunities within Housing 21.

Joanne Baker, Housing and Care Manager at Goldfield Court where Najaha currently works, said: “We will support Najaha by providing relevant information in relation to leadership and to support knowledge and understanding.”


Name: Leah Allen-Smith
Current scheme: Fountain Court, Gateshead
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: I decided to join the Extra Care Academy to gain experience to help me in the future to progress into a higher role.
Five-year plan: In five years, I see myself completing the course and starting a new career in management with the skills and knowledge I have learnt through the Extra Care Academy.

Leah’s current managers at Fountain Court, Michelle Phillips and Kim Ingleby said: “Leah is an outstanding Carer and shows real potential. She approaches management with ideals and solutions on a regular basis and I would highly recommend her for the academy.”


Name: Leah Atterbury
Current scheme: Oakley Gardens, West Bromwich
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: To be able to progress in my career and educate myself on the other side to care.
Five-year plan: To be in an Assistant Care Manager role and to have gained my Level 4 qualification.

Lauren Marino, Assistant Care Manager at Oakley Gardens where Leah is currently working, said: “I will support Leah throughout the academy, giving her opportunities to use her initiative and support where needed.”

Name: Jessica Wall
Current scheme: Staveley Court, Keighley
Reason for joining the Extra Care Academy: I have always been eager to learn new skills that can develop my career goals. I also want to show my young children that anything is possible.
Five-year plan: I am hoping that I will be a Court Manager or an Assistant Court Manager.

Claire Blake, Housing and Care Manager at Staveley Court where Jessica currently works, said: “As a management team we will support Jess in any way we can to progress. Jess is a shining example of the H21 values and behaviours, given the opportunity and guidance, I believe she could be nurtured to succeed in her career goals. I am pleased to see someone with such great ambition and wish Jess the best of luck in her application.”

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