CCTV monitors the exterior and interior of the buildings, communal areas and both the main entrances and secondary exits of courts and the communal areas of offices and can monitor, depending on the identified purpose for which the monitoring is taking place for 24 hours a day. This data is continuously recorded or where applicable, during working hours only.  

Camera locations are chosen to minimise viewing of spaces not relevant to the legitimate purpose of the monitoring.  As far as practically possible, CCTV cameras will not focus on private homes, gardens, or other areas of private property.  

Where deemed necessary, surveillance systems will be used to record sound but only where we can clearly justify its use with robust supporting evidence.  

Images are monitored by authorised personnel, the Scheme Manager and/or their Deputy, ‘buddy’ Scheme Manager only in the instance of suspected wrongdoing, for appropriate time periods in line with identified purpose(s).  

Employees using surveillance systems will be given appropriate training to ensure they understand and observe the legal requirements related to the processing of relevant data.  

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