Retention and deletion of CCTV Footage

  • Data recorded by CCTV systems will be stored digitally using local data repository systems. Data from CCTV cameras will not be retained indefinitely but will be permanently deleted once there is no reason to retain the recorded information. Exactly how long images will be retained for will vary according to the purpose for which they are being recorded. For example, where images are being recorded for crime prevention purposes, data will be kept long enough only for incidents to come to light, although, in most cases, it is recognised that this is usually within 24/48 hours of an ASB, criminal or accident related incident occurring. In all other cases, recorded images will be kept for no longer than 90 days. Each court and office will maintain a comprehensive log of when data is deleted.  
  • At the end of their useful life, e.g. at the conclusion of an investigation (and in line with our data retention schedule) all images stored in whatever format will be erased permanently and securely. Any physical matter such as tapes or discs will be disposed of as confidential waste. Any still photographs and hard copy prints will be disposed of as confidential waste.  IT will be consulted for any electronic equipment disposal.   
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