Implementation and Communication

Housing 21’s Fire Risk Management Strategy and System (FRMSS) document defines fire safety arrangements for properties it owns or manages and the method of implementing the Fire Safety Policy.

The FRMSS addresses the seven factors of strategic fire risk management:

  1. Fire risk assessment
  2. Resources and authority
  3. Fire safety training
  4. Control of work on site
  5. Maintenance and testing
  6. Communication
  7. Emergency planning


Housing 21 will prepare and maintain a safety case for each high-rise residential building owned or managed by Housing 21


To ensure effective fire safety communication, Housing 21 will:

  • brief residents, employees, and contractors on fire safety arrangements and emergency evacuation procedures.
  • consult with employees on fire safety policy, procedures, and arrangements for ensuring fire safety.
  • engage openly and proactively with the Regulator of Social Housing and other stakeholders.
  • co-operate and co-ordinate, as necessary, with any other responsible persons (as defined by the FSO).


Housing 21 will provide management Information to include:

  • accurate asset information
  • maintaining and servicing fire safety assets
  • completing remedial works and supplementary testing as required
  • gas and electrical safety checks for all residential properties
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