What does it mean for residents?

The new law means that residents will have increased protection as tenants around four key areas:

  • Safety: Landlords must ensure residents feel safe and protected in their homes  
  • Transparency: Residents must be kept informed on what landlords are doing to resolve their issues 
  • Quality accommodation and services: Landlords must provide homes which meet a minimum standard and fix any damp and/ or mould issues within a strict timeframe 
  • Complaints: Landlords are required to listen to any concerns and address them effectively 

In practical terms, this means you can expect the following from us as standard: 


  • We will meet with residents every six months to discuss health and safety issues
  • If we receive reports of damp/ mould, we will resolve this within the strict timescales 
  • We will conduct annual safety checks linked to gas, fire, asbestos, water and lifts 


  • We will undertake an annual anonymous resident survey, featuring the 12 questions linked to the mandatory Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs), and share our results publicly with residents and the regulator
  • We will ensure we provide accessible information that is inclusive to residents who may be considered ‘hard to reach’  
  • We will provide various opportunities and mechanisms for resident engagement

Quality accommodation and services: 


  • We will proactively work to resolve complaints within the dedicated timescales. If we fail to do so, we will provide details for the Housing Ombudsman 

Each year the Housing Ombudsman will publish an annual report setting out the number and nature of complaints made against every landlord which will be publicly available.  

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