Managing waiting lists

  1. The Court Manager/Housing Manager is responsible for managing the waiting list for their court ensuring applicants are registered in a timely manner.
  2. Applicants have a duty to advise Housing 21 of any change of circumstances and these must be recorded by the local manager.
  3. Waiting lists will be reviewed annually by the local manager and contact must be made with all applicants who are then required to confirm they wish to remain on the list. Failure to respond to the review will result in the applicant being removed from the waiting list.
  4. Applications may be reinstated up to 28 days after the removal date. After 28 days if the applicant wishes to reapply their application will start from the date their new form is received and will not normally be backdated. Applicants have a right of appeal (see section 12).
  5. If an applicant wishes to move to be added to a waiting list for a different court they will join this in date order from their original application date.
  6. Applicants will be made up to three reasonable offers*. If the third offer is refused the applicant will be removed from all waiting lists. The applicant has the right of appeal against the decision to remove them ( * a “reasonable” offer is one that meets the needs of the applicant regarding floor level/access and number of bedrooms).
  7. The waiting lists will be closed to new applicants where the size of the list means it is unlikely that new applicants will be housed in the foreseeable future. The RHM/ROM will authorise any request for a list to be closed on their patch.
  8. Where the court is classified as hard to let by the RHM/ROM the Court Manager/Housing Manager has the discretion to offer incentives (rent free weeks, carpets). See void policy for more information.


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