1. Residents on a starter tenancy are not permitted to transfer to an alternative new property until their tenure has converted to an assured tenancy (after the initial 12 month period). In exceptional circumstances the Head of Service can authorise a transfer using the management move criteria (see section 9).
  2. All other Housing 21 tenants are allowed to transfer providing they meet the eligibility criteria. There is no limit to the number of times a resident can apply for a transfer however all rent account numbers should be linked in the housing management system. Residents join the waiting list in age and application date order.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • The rent account and all other charges must be clear however in exceptional circumstances the RHM has authority to override this requirement but must ensure there is a payment plan is in place to clear the arrears.
  • The home being vacated must be left in a good state of repair and decoration.


  1. Existing residents with a tenancy which was signed before 2009 were not required to pay 4 weeks rent in advance. Where a transfer is requested due to health issues if it is demonstrated that the resident’s rent account is in good order and a recognised regular pattern is in place, whilst preferred, we will not require them to pay additional monies in order to bring their account 4 weeks in advance.
  2. At offer stage the Court Manager must check the existing tenancy type and issue a tenancy agreement as follows:
  • Secure tenants transferring to another property will be granted a secure tenancy.
  • Assured tenants transferring to another property will be granted an assured tenancy.
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