Our work with dementia

Our work with dementia

In 2017, we launched ourselves as a dementia-friendly organisation. We had a plan to embed consideration of dementia across the organisation.

We created a short video to illustrate how our people, places and processes can all play a part in becoming dementia-friendly.

In December 2020 we refreshed our action plan to strive to do more with more resources being made available to staff and residents. You can find the action plan here.

Results from an internal survey showed that around 11% of residents in our Retirement Housing properties and 24% in Extra Care have either a diagnosis of dementia or a suspected cognitive impairment.

For us, working towards becoming dementia-friendly means:

  1. Sharing knowledge to improve the lives of people affected by dementia
  2. Educating and informing staff to help them understand and respond appropriately to people with dementia
  3. Embedding good practice around dementia on a day to day basis

Download literature around our work on dementia

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