Our latest performance figures

The results of our 2023 Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) survey are as follows, broken down by overall satisfaction levels and the five key theme areas:

  • Keeping properties in good repair
  • Building safety and safety checks
  • Respectful and helpful engagement
  • Effective handling of complaints
  • Responsible neighbourhood management

Overall satisfaction = 86 percent

Keeping properties in good repair

  • Percentage of homes that meet the Decent Homes Standard: 100 percent
  • Satisfaction with the overall repairs' service: 87 percent
  • Satisfaction with time taken to complete repairs: 83 percent
  • Percentage of repairs completed within the target timescale: 95 percent
  • Satisfaction with how well homes are maintained: 87 percent 

Building safety and safety checks

  • Percentage of residents who are satisfied their home is safe: 88 percent
  • Completion of gas safety checks: 100 percent
  • Completion of fire safety checks: 99 percent
  • Completion of asbestos safety checks: 100 percent
  • Completion of water safety checks: 98 percent
  • Completion of lift safety checks: 99 percent

Respectful and helpful engagement

  • Satisfaction with how Housing 21 keeps residents informed about the issues that matter: 83 percent
  • Satisfaction that resident views are listened to and acted upon: 73 percent
  • Agree that Housing 21 treats residents fairly and with respect: 86 percent

Effective handling of complaints

  • Satisfaction with Housing 21’s approach to complaint handing: 47 percent
  • Percentage of complaints per 1,000 properties: 2.7 percent
  • Complaints responded to within the Complaint Handling Code timescales: 93 percent

Responsible neighbourhood management 

  • Satisfaction with the cleanliness and maintenance of communal areas 90 percent
  • Satisfaction with Housing 21’s contribution to the local neighbourhood: 70 percent
  • Satisfaction with Housing 21’s handling of antisocial behaviour: 71 percent
  • Percentage of antisocial behaviour cases per 1,000 properties: 16 percent
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